"I arrived at the insight that for those who in their desire for the objects of the senses are full of worries,
there is a boat to cross over the ocean of material nescience: the repeated singing of the glories of the Lord."

S.B. 1.6: 34

Every Lunar Phase
sing Bhajans

See for the dates of the moon phases
the Full Calendar of Order.

 Every Lunar Phase
a Sai Bhajan 

Sung by devotees and others


Choose and sing along with a Bhajan: 

Sai Baba singing Bhajans I

Sai Baba singing Bhajans II

Swami's own Voice:
Verses by Bhagav‚n S'rÓ Sathya Sai Baba,
Beautifully set to music by devotees.

 An Overview: All Classic Bhajans/Mantras sung by Swami/Devotees
in Alphabetical Order in Mp3-format &
Mantras and Bhajans by other artists

Bhajans sung and recorded in Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi

Filognostische samenzang op klassieke vaishnava melodieŽn
(zangers: Basisgeluk & Vriendenliefde)

For information on the Lunar Phases
see the Full Calendar of Order for the Time Correction-table
with the cakra calendar and lunar order 2011.

Complete overview of Bhajans by devotees and others
presented by

Devotional Music Page by S'rÓmad Bh‚
with  bhajans or devotional chants all written by Vaishnav ¬c‚ryas.

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