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"One Little Story"
Part I - Part II
Stories and Parables

Quoted from the Divine Discourses of
Bhagavān S'rī Sathya Sai Baba

Table of Contents


Part II-a Part II-b Part II-c

Part II-a
Stories 1-52
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Part II-b
Stories 53-104
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Part II-c
Stories 105-157
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Part II-a

1. Guru Dakshina

2. Loyalty to One's Guru

3. Purity - Patience - Perseverance

4. Samarth Rāmdās

5. Practise and Preach

6. The Master and the Disciples

7. The Teacher and the Seeker

8. Every Action will have a Reaction

9. Letter to his Son

10. As the Father, so the Son

11. Mother's Role

12. Putali Bai

13. An Exemplary Mother

14. Mother and Motherland

15. Patriotism

16. You shall Speak the Truth

17. Never Tell Lies even for Fun

18. Honesty is the Best Policy

19. Means Determine the End

20. Beware of Anger

21. Arjuna's Pride

22. Greed is the Seed-bed of Grief

23. Miserliness Leads to Misery

24. A Man with Dual Mind is Really Blind

25. Attachment

26. The Fleet-footed Princess

27. Fair Division of the Property

28. Desire leads to Despair

29. End-Joy

30. F.O.F.S.   &    F.O.F.D.

31. Remembering Things by Rote is Dangerous

32. Three Types of Listening

33. Do Not Follow Instructions Blindly

34. Do Not Condemn People Hastily

35. Fruits Sold Here

36. Blind Imitation

37. What is the Remedy?

38. What is the Whitest Thing in the World?

39. Beauty Contest

40. Be Discreet in Thought Word and Deed

41. The Power of Thought

42. As You Think so You Become

43. Deal with Everything Fairly

44. Haste Makes Waste

45. Do Your Good Acts Now and Here

46. Mind Control

47. Keep the Mind Engaged

48. Render Your Mind Pure

49. Control of the Senses

50. End the Mind

51. Always be Careful

52. Humility of Sir Isaac Newton


Part II-b


53. Einstein's Example

54. Equanimity

55. What is Tolerance?

56. See Good in Everything

57. Who is a True Philosopher?

58. Talking Philosophers

59. Who is a real Pundit?

60. What is Sin?

61. Likes and Dislikes

62. Taste and Distaste

63. Practice Makes Man Perfect

64. Duty is God

65. Work is Worship

66. Deserve Before Desiring

67. The Power of Prayer

68. Adjust and Accomodate

69. Who is Superior?

70. Human Effort

71. Dignity of Labour

72. Self Help

73. Resolution

74. Sahasa - Sādhana

75. Divided Attention

76. The Veil of Conceit

77. Desire of a Devotee

78. All is Divine

79. S'iva or Vishnu

80. God is Omnipresent

81. Idol Worship

82. Do Not Treat God as a Stone or as a Picture

83. Who is the Custodian of the Temple?

84. Sandalwood Tree

85. What is True Detachment?

86. Wedding without a Bridegroom

87. The Last Wish

88. Mohakshaya

89. Charity is the Ornament for Hands

90. Beware of the Company you Keep

91. Sinner Turnt Saint

92. Who is Fit to enter Heaven?

93. What is Sacrifice?

94. Give and Gain

95. Forbearance in Worldly Life

96. Who is a Real Friend?

97. As the King, So the People

98. The Ways of the Divine

99. Impatience

100. Tests Deepen Conviction

101. What is True Prayer?

102. Ask and Ye Shall Be Given

103. Faith is the very Breath of Life

104. Power of Faith

Part II-c


105. How to Earn the Grace of God?

106. God will Never Forsake His Devotee

107. Seek ye First the Kingdom of God and All these things shall be added unto you

108. Refrain from Asking, Oh Mind!

109. This Belongs to My Dear Devotee

110. Songs Dear to the Lord

111. Total Surrender

112. Draupadī's Forbearance

113. Krishna - Trishna

114. Blessed are the Pure in Heart for They Shall See God

115. God's Plan and Sense of Logic

116. How to Become Dear to the lord?

117. Karma is Responsible for Everything

118. The Reservoir of Love and Benevolence

119. What is True Fearlessness?

120. S'iva and Sankaracharya

121. Ubhaya Bharati

122. Man Versus Animals

123. Gifts of Grace

124. Chalo Re Man Ganga Yamuna Theer!

125. The Three Stages

126. Martyrdom of Mansuri

127. Bliss is Brahman

128. Nābhaka - The ideal son and student

129. (Jada) Bharata

130. Bhasmasura

131. The Divine Samkalpa

132. The Urge - Merge

133. Love Gives and Gives

134. The Influence of Vibrations of a Place

135. A Lesson in Fraternity

136. Mankind

137. A Lesson in Detachment

138. Do Not Judge Anything by the Outward Appearance

139. Jńāna Dev - Nāma Dev

140. The Grand Bargain

141. The Five Transgressions

142. The Three Questions

143. Forbearance - the Greatest Quality for a Spiritual Seeker

144. What is True Devotion?

145. Who is a True Devotee?

146. S'rī Rāma and the Bleeding Dog

147. Father and Son

148. God Does Everything for the Best

149. Who is a True Yogi?

150. Minister Turned into a Minstrel

151. Easily Said than Done

152. The Strike of the Sense Organs

153. Parable of the Vine Yard

154. Mohammed Gori

155. Edison's Example

156. The Artless Art of Repartee

157. Quality - Quantity

The End




"Oka Chinna Katha" - When Bhagawan intercepts the speeding current of His Discourse with these three Telugu words, meaning, "One little story" all ears are alert, all hearts are quivive. For, the story that follows is a flash that illumines, a shower that cools, a joke that tickles, a "tablet" that alleviates, a peep into epic grandeur or pompous absurdity, a poetic parenthesis, an exhilarating prick, a lilt that enlightens, a sugar-coated pill of profundity, a disarming repartee, a volley of raillery on religious rigmarole! It may be a tonic tale of the past or the report of a contemporary comedy; it may be a thrust on theological disputation or a dear little dig at some egoistic dignitary.

The "Chinna Katha", if only we ponder over its relevance, is an effective instrument in Bhagawan's educational process. When He is discoursing, these parables and stories, ever on the wing, hover in flocks in the firmament of His Love; He lets a few fly into our hearts and nestle there, until we fondle and foster them and make them part of our thought and behaviour patterns. Here is a charming, fragrant bouquet of these multicolored Kathas for our delectation, meditation and inspiration.

- Late N. Kasturi
Prasanthi Nilayam

The first collection of "Chinna Katha" was made by members of the Sri Sathya Sai Study Circle, Delhi, and the Prasanthi Workshop, Madras, and was published in 1975 by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, New Delhi




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