"One Little Story"
Part I - Part II

Stories and Parables

Quoted from the Divine Discourses of
Bhagavān S'rī Sathya Sai Baba

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Part I-a
Stories 1-90
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Part I-b
Stories 91-180
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Part I-c
Stories 181-261
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Part I-a

1. Vinayaka - The leader of all

2. Guru's grace brings eternal glory

3. Lighting the lamp of wisdom

4. The Lord has no fixed form

5. The sacred fruit of action

6. Double the price

7. The best gift to ask from God

8. Everyone must have faith in himself

9. Excess wealth can change one's quality

10. Selfishness will never work in matters relating to God

11. One steady disciple is better than thousand wavering ones

12. The three best things

13. How to deal with a bad habit

14. Mathru bhakti must precede Īs'ware bhakti

15. Self condemnation is egoism

16. Devotion of Gopīs

17. Women are more devotional than men

18. Whoever surrenders, Rāma accepts

19. The unique treasures of mankind

20. Adi Sankara's Pithru Bhakti brings divine grace

21. The blanket of māyā and the bear

22. Tenali Ramakrishna's Tanesha Bharatam

23. Sabari's sādhana

24. The World Conference of Animals

25. Seek the point of view of God

26. Atma Thathwa is one and the same in all

27. The one basis and different containers

28. The right path to liberation

29. Every act of the Lord has a significance

30. Hanumān's Devotion

31. Karna, the great Giver

32. Vairagya - The story of Mohajith

33. Never judge another's devotion

34. God on your side - world in your hold

35. Dharmaraja's grief over Karna's death

36. Krishna is the visualization of the Ātmā

37. Nārada bhakti sutras

38. Playing marbles with the name of God

39. Caitanya - Incarnation of Krishna

40. The greater grief scours off the smaller & Compassion is a sign of the great

41. Reward for sincere yearning

42. The Most amazing thing on Earth

43. The Best Friend in Life

44. Wordly pleasures are like a serpent's grip

45. Sound is Sacred

46. Brahman is all pervading

47. Leave Everything to His Will

48. God makes Himself aware to beasts and birds

49. The Gopīs' Messenger

50. You can not Paint the World Green

51. Lakshmāna counsels Guha

52. Kalidasa's Bhakti greater than his Yukti

53. Bharatha's Adoration of Rāma

54. Practice Self Control with Steady Faith

55. The Lord cares for the feeling behind the act

56. Guru, the Last Resort

57. Freedom from Egoism: First Qualification of a Bhakta

58. Desire Binds Us

59. Your Thoughts Affect the Food you Cook

60. Yajńas and Yagas are Highly Valuable

61. Steadfastness and Deep Faith win the Grace of God

62. Unconcern Leads to the Deepest Yearning for God

63. Superstition and Blind Imitation

64. It is Never too Soon in the Spiritual Realm

65. Transistor Radio - a Barbar's Box

66. Kabir's Pitambara for the Lord

67. 'Dharma Bodha' - True Dharma of a Mahātma

68. Every Material Object has a Qualitative and Quantitative Difference

69. Rabbia Malik and Hussain

70. Faith and Science

71. Māyā can Ruin a Life

72. Affection and Attachment Responsible for All Joys and Sorrows

73. Secret of a Happy Family

74. Riches are a Deadly Temptation

75. Enslave Yourself to God and Not Man

76. Rāsakrida - Its Significance

77. Stick to your Innate Nature - Whatever May Happen

78. Perform All Work Intelligently

79. Act Right, then Claim the Fruit

80. Words Reveal the Breeding of the Speaker

81. Absorb only Good Ideas from Satsang

82. Happiness and Your Thinking

83. Implicit Faith is the Road to Spiritual Success

84. Mother Kālī blesses Tenali Ramakrishna

85. This World is a Part of Kalpavriksha

86. Guru has to be Brahman Himself

87. The Dīkshā for Acquiring Raksha

88. The Lord will not be Silent when the Bhakta is Insulted

89. The Lord's Name and the Chain of Destiny cannot Co-exist

90. Īs'wara Sankalpa will always be Fulfilled


Part I-b


91. Yoga-kshemam Vahāmy aham

92. Prayers must emanate from the Heart

93. Who is a Real Bhakta?

94. Ātmā discriminates best

95. Steadiness and Ritualism must go with Discrimination in Sādhana

96. Play Harichandra or Lankadahana - Not both

97. Bhakti is Above All

98. Faith can Compel the Lord to manifest Himself

99. Great Men always Spread the Light of their Wisdom

100. Consequence of Keeping Company with the Wild and Foolish

101. The Discontented Man is as Bad as Lost

102. Sathya was the support of Shirdi Sai too

103. Revival of the Vedas

104. Respect or Disrespect which others Give has no Meaning

105. A Steady Mind alone can Understand Matters relating to the ātmā

106. A Shirdi Event Recalled

107. Nārada Made Wiser by the Gopīs

108. Food is the Basis of Character

109. When the Lord Decides on Something it has to Happen

110. All Names are His, all Forms are His

111. Love All Whom the Lord Loves

112. It is Foolish to Imitate

113. Which Water Bag is Cleaner?

114. The Three Fishes - Sattva, Rajas and Tamas

115. A Divine Example for Leaders

116. God Never Fails Those who Call on Him with Faith

117. One false step

118. The Sons

119. Out of the Royal Gate

120. Vanity, vanity!

121. Coffee for fish

122. When the Gods Test a Man

123. She was his Teacher

124. The First Slip

125. Indians Taught Alexander

126. Who Wrote It?

127. The Kāliya Episode

128. What Actions Please God

129. Rāma Blesses Govardhana Hill

130. Straight Dealings - Always Best

131. "Is That Real" or "Is This Real" ?

132. How far is Vaikunthha?

133. Cultivate Divine Qualities

134. A Super Thief

135. Two Minutes of the Forbidden Fruit

136. Where is God?

137. Give Up at least One Bad Habit

138. God Tests and Rewards

139. The Devotee Ran Away

140. Dharma Pays

141. Sloth

142. Lesson from S'iva

143. The Winning Smile

144. Sense of Duty Saved him

145. He Has Neither

146. God Within

147. Common Salt or Cowdung

148. Nara and Naraka

149. Two Sirens

150. No life-line

151. Grammar and Grace

152. The Bandage on the Nose

153. The Desire to Die

154. The Non-existent Enemy

155. Sand into Gold

156. Waste of Time

157. He Yelled the Truth

158. Broken Pot

159. Even Gods must Obey

160. The Begging Bowl

161. Oh! I have died

162. Rāma's cheek

163. Fine or Ghee

164. The clever old woman

165. Neglecting God

166. Two Letters Remained

167. His Own Rock

168. The Repentant Dog

169. Rukminī's Marriage

170. This will not Last

171. His Dharma Changes

172. The Wiser Wife

173. Returned with Thanks

174. The daughter-in-law's Dictum

175. Māladāsa

176. Baby's Invitation

177. Suguna

178. Follow the Wise Man

179. The Thorn on the Road

180. The Tender Feet

Part I-c


181. The Bangles on the Hand

182. The cry that can save

183. Bear with Others

184. The Faith of the Disciple

185. The Broom

186. Lame Excuses

187. The Donkey Died

188. The Rabbit Ran

189. Fear Kills

190. Send them to God

191. Onam

192. Many Voices

193. Imitation

194. His Refuge

195. Where He is Not

196. S'iva

197. The Trial

198. Victory is Sure

199. Go Slow & 199b Banana Competition

200. The Tongue and the Eye

201. Physical Beauty

202. Who is to Die?

203. The Frog

204. The Cow she Wanted

205. Not Copper

206. Land Hunger

207. He Won?

208. Under his Own Pillow

209. Magic

210. About Turn

211. Gratitude

212. The Title at Last

213. Fantasy

214. Mutual help

215. The Vomit

216. Come Tomorrow

217. The Gifts

218. A Brick for his God

219. The most Laudable Choice

220. Scrap of Paper

221. The Dhobi Replies

222. Which one to Hold?

223. Intimations of Mortality

224. Stop! stop! Turn Back!

225. The Mother Cat

226. The Gerua Cloth

227. He asked for It

228. Sweeter than Tansen

229. The Cup and the Needle

230. Tit for Tat

231. The Son-in-law

232. The Eyes I Want

233. The Three Fishes

234. Rāvana as Rāma

235. Love God or be Loved

236a. Ego Wins Easily &
236b. The Gash on the Back

237. Father Leaps to Save the Son

238. Position of Vantage

239. Alexander and the Sage

240. Boatman's Pride

241. Beware

242. No Place to Die

243. The Idol Turned

244. Inner Ganga

245. The Donkey's Thirst

246. The Seeing Eye

247. Begging from Beggars

248. The Five cow Woman

249. The Common Tongue

250. Bricks of Gold

251. The Camera

252. God's Plan

253. The Owner of the Kill?

254. The Curse that was Welcomed

255. Unoccupied Thrones

256. Let These be here Itself

257. The Mango

258. Ayodhyā for Him

259. Milk and Water

260. Even This shall pass Away

261. Sai Baba and the School Boy

    *** The End ***




"Oka Chinna Katha" - When Bhagawan intercepts the speeding current of His Discourse with these three Telugu words, meaning, "One little story" all ears are alert, all hearts are quivive. For, the story that follows is a flash that illumines, a shower that cools, a joke that tickles, a "tablet" that alleviates, a peep into epic grandeur or pompous absurdity, a poetic parenthesis, an exhilarating prick, a lilt that enlightens, a sugar-coated pill of profundity, a disarming repartee, a volley of raillery on religious rigmarole! It may be a tonic tale of the past or the report of a contemporary comedy; it may be a thrust on theological disputation or a dear little dig at some egoistic dignitary.

The "Chinna Katha", if only we ponder over its relevance, is an effective instrument in Bhagawan's educational process. When He is discoursing, these parables and stories, ever on the wing, hover in flocks in the firmament of His Love; He lets a few fly into our hearts and nestle there, until we fondle and foster them and make them part of our thought and behaviour patterns. Here is a charming, fragrant bouquet of these multicolored Kathas for our delectation, meditation and inspiration.

N. Kasturi
Prasanthi Nilayam
Sankranti 14-1-78

The first collection of "Chinna Katha" was made by members of the Sri Sathya Sai Study Circle, Delhi, and the Prasanthi Workshop, Madras, and was published in 1975 by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, New Delhi




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