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The original Sanskrit verses and
(word for word translated) of the
Mahbhrata, Bhshma Parva ch. 23-40.

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Peacockfeather Krishna

 Lord Śrī Krishna used to wear a necklace of green beads; a nose ring of pearl, and in His right ear, a ring of pearls. He wore no shirt or coat; just yellow silk round His waist and a kerchief wound around the head, or rather thrown carelessly round the head, one end this way and another end that way. Bhagavān showed, the way, Krishna used to tie the turban. The peacock feather that is described by poets and sages was not always worn. It was stuck into the turban occasionally. Of course, peacocks abounded in Brindavana then, and are in plenty even today. On His bare chest, there was a mole that could be clearly seen, an inevitable mark of all Avataras, including Sai's. - Extract from the Book, SRI SATHYA SAI ANANDADAAYI.







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